18 signs every woman can read in men body language

Written by Dana Peterson

At one point of your time , you are feeling he’s so into you and therefore the next you see him behaving sort of a complete stranger. The one that said that it’s difficult to read women didn’t know anything about men. Fret not, albeit he doesn’t say it loud, there are human body language signs of attraction that you simply can read and make certain of his feelings.

Reading men’s visual communication of attraction isn’t easy but we offer you 18 signs that you simply can search for in his visual communication and know if he secretly likes you. Men are pros at hiding their feelings, they’re going to not allow you to skills they feel until they’re sure of it themselves. Women, being gifted with the sixth sense are able to pick up the trails but are never sure of it either.

For decoding the emotions code just in the case of men, first, check out the proper place. the signs that he secretly likes you as there in his body language. Women tend to specialize in what the guy says instead of how he subconsciously behaves which is where the catch is. Body language always features a tendency to offer you away and these 18 visual communication signs will tell you whether he’s interested in you or not. All you have to do is read men’s body language sign of attraction, here are 18 male body language signs of attraction :

1- He will make eye contact, men have a tendency to look into the eyes of the woman they like, they believe in using fewer words and saying it with their eyes, if he makes eye contact with you throughout your conversation it means he’s curious about you, and needs to understand more about you, if his eyes quickly attend your lips and back to your eyes, it’s not just the conversation he’s curious about, this is often a sure sign of attraction of his body language

2- He will shyly pull away from eye contact when caught some men are shy to express their feelings, they might show a seconds courage to make eye contact, and then quickly pull away because of either fear or shyness, when you talk to him if he shyly looks down and gives a slight smile, he is interested in you but his shy self isn’t allowing him to point out it ahead of you.

3- You make him smile no matter how bad your joke is he is going to smile, it isn’t because he found your joke funny, but be it came out of you, you were the reason that brought a smile to his face. We usually have a tendency to smile at things that make you happy, and in this case, that thing/person is you. In fact, you’ll use this chance to go with his smile and make him blush, right there!

4- He will go out of his way to give you attention if you see him having a chat with his friends and he leaves them just to talk to you, he’s trying to point out you who he would rather wish to spend his time with, he’s getting to give more attention to you, and he will make sure you realize it,

5- He will take a deep breath: Body language signs are often subconscious, giving away what is in your mind, if he lets out a few deep breaths when you pass by, it’s one among those subconscious signs telling you that you simply take his breath away. At times if you’re wealthy or different from normal (something which he might like), he will take a deep breath to sink in what he just saw. He won’t compliment you, but that deep breath says it all.

6- He fixes his hair: Men have a bent to subconsciously fix their hair once they see a woman they like. All of a sudden they seem to urge conscious about their looks. they want to make an impression in front of the girl, and they started by fixing their hair. Another reason for fixing their hair might be because they need to urge your attention and that they roll in the hay by appearing to repair their hair in order that you check out them. This communication could also be a sure sign that he secretly likes you.

7- He touches his face tons while lecturing you would possibly notice him touching his cheeks and chin tons some men get conscious and nervous while talking and thus tend to the touch their face tons it’s because they begin to feel their skin stretching once they are nervous.

8- he will make himself noticeable you both might be involved in different groups of friends or even in several departments he will find how to form you notice him he might start talking fortissimo or guffaw at even the lamest joke once you are around it’s because he wants you to note him even when he’s not lecturing, he wants you to ascertain him when he’s in his temperature.

9- he will check out your lips there are some things that men cannot hide albeit they think they’re pros at it while lecture you he will check out your face and most significantly your lips he will stare at them for a blink of an eye or even longer counting on the intensity of his feelings for you if he looks at your lips you’re not just a lover or a colleague to him he’s curious about you here are some signs to read if your colleague is interested in you.

10- his feet will point towards you a study says that we subconsciously point our feet towards the direction we would like them to travel notice him when he’s during a group or maybe alone during which direction do his feet point if they’re directed towards you then he’s planning on coming to you or brooding about it in his head it’s an honest heads up for you because you already know where his feet are heading this is often his visual communication sign that he likes you immensely.

11- he will lean in while having a one-on-one chat with you he will lean in his visual communication signals that he wants to be on the brink of you and what’s a far better way than doing it by leaning when he talks to you he wants you to feel the spark in chemistry between the 2 of you.

12- he will fix his clothes he knows that you simply aren’t impressed yet and can leave no chance to not impress you he will fix his clothes and makesure that his shirt is tucked in he may additionally nervously play together with his buttons or cufflinks it’s because he doesn’t exactly skills to behave once you are around.

13- he raises his eyebrows again raising eyebrows together of these men’s visual communication signs that appear subconsciously they have a tendency to boost their eyebrows once they see something that draws them or something that they like this explains why they raise their eyebrows once they see a hot girl passing by does he raise his eyebrows when he sees you two.

14- his lips part a touch while seeing you or lecture you he will enter a trance or start imagining things that include you both and his lips will part a touch it always happens once you lose control and begin getting submissive to the person you wish this is often an equivalent case that’s happening here he’s becoming submissive to you.

15- there are going to be many accidental touches your hands didn’t brush against each others accidentally but because it had been meant these accidents are planned by him it’s going to be because he wants to carry your hand but can’t due to the results or because he wants you to feel the type of attraction he’s feeling towards you regardless of the reason could also be rock bottom line is that he has interested in you.

16- he will allow you to see him checking you out there’s a term called visual voyages where he will shop around and check you out till he stops at one particular a part of you that he adores him most you catch him checking you out and smile to yourself thinking that you simply caught him do not be fooled he got caught because he wanted you to note that he’s checking you out it’s his way of letting you recognize his feelings through his actions.

17- his nostrils flare now this part is that the most unromantic and unsexy a part of his visual communication but truth be told his nostrils will flare when he sees you it’s because he will want to look open and alluring ahead of you this is often indeed one important visual communication signs that indicate his affection for you.

18- he won’t touch his phone another way of checking out whether he likes you or not as by noticing how often he touches his phone once you are around he will want to get on his best behavior ahead of you and can not do anything to offend you if he really likes you he will want to understand more about you instead of what his phone has got to say he will prioritize you over his phone a minimum of for now he causes you to feel special and these visual communication signs have made it clear that he likes you if you furthermore may like him then plow ahead and let him know if you’re unsure accompany the flow and see how it goes if you do not feel anything for him don’t freak out let him know and he will understand but confirm you say it through verbal communication and not visual communication signs because he might not be ready to devour the signs think it through and plow ahead with it

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