Learn more about the exciting new fashion trends – Fall 2020.

fall fashion
Written by Dana Peterson

fall fashion

The only good thing about the end of summer fall fashion and all of the exciting new fashion trends.

In this article, we will share with you some of the more wearable trends that you might want to think about incorporating into your wardrobe, if you haven’t already, we will share some of those trends that are really accessible, and practical, and functional, let’s get started.

The first category Capes & Cardigans : comfort is a queen, comfort is a big deal right now because a lot of us are working from home, we’re doing zoom meetings from home, we have kids at home, we’re not going places like we usually do, we’re not traveling like we usually do, so we’re not going to dress the same way that we usually do, we’re going to look at more loungy clothes that are soft clothes, and comfortable, a lot of cardigans this fall are always on-trend, they’re always in trend, but right now more than usual capes are another one like a cozy cape those were huge on the runway, so Michael Kors, valentine, capes are really nice they feel very casual and accessible, very cozy, very wearable, and they’re great, capes are also very chic and elegant so capes are a big one, a lot of stalls on the runway, shawls, scarves, something like a cape you might not think is super wearable and functional but I think you would be really surprised at how versatile it can be and it’s particularly great especially a lighter weight one for those of you in warmer climates you just need to like an extra layer you can throw a little cape on so chic so lovely and versatile.

Second trend is Faux Fur, it has been around for a few seasons, few falls, still going very strong we talked about wearing faux fur in different colors this one happens to be like a deep green, you can do different colors, faux shearling is huge right now, so any kind of faux shearling coat, faux suede, the leather’s still big, any like faux fur shearling suede leather, any of that, very on trend, very wearable, very functional, also soft comfy cozy, warm cuddly, you’ll see that theme prevailing, it’s that comfort level, this is very comfortable and cozy, but also very glamorous, sexy, and adds so much pop to your look.

Third wearable accessible trend is Plaid: it is still going really strong, maybe you pick up a plaid blazer, maybe you pick up a plaid skirt, maybe a plaid pair of pants, if you’re feeling like adventurous, but for this trend you could do a plaid scarf, plaid stole, you know some sort of plaid shawl, but I think that the safest bet for plaid would be to grab a plaid blazer, the rule of one is that if you do wear plaid or print like plaid a bold print when in doubt keep everything else neutral quiet, so just do the plaid blazer, just wear your blue jeans as simple camier tea, or shell underneath, and you’re good, the new variation on plaid now is it’s either really preppy,

Fourth trend are Brown Tones so lots of brown tones and variations of browns neutrals and browns i’ve talked about the last couple years how i’ve been slowly accumulating more brown pieces and more brown tones into my wardrobe you can do a whole basics foundation wardrobe with brown and beige towns you don’t have to go the black route black sometimes can be a little harsh as we get older and so if you want to go that more like beige brown route it’s really on trend right now i know when we first talked about browns it was like we hadn’t seen brown chocolate brown in like years we’re still in the early days for this so I think the browns are going to be around for a while if you want to jump on this if you want to build that basics wardrobe with your browns so i have some some of the key pieces i’ve gotten are my brown veronica beard leather blazer that I absolutely love it was an investment piece but I just feel so special every time i put it on i love wearing it it’s such an awesome piece i also invested in a prada bag that is both brown and black cognac brown and black and i love that bag because it is two-tone and it will go with pretty much anything i’ve invested in chocolate brown pants i’ve invested in chocolate brown blouse and i’ve also invested in some brown booties so just be thinking about some of the browns that you can incorporate into your wardrobe i think if you’re just starting with this with these colors i would go with a brown leather jacket i think that would be the most versatile and the most exciting or a brown handbag if you don’t already have a brown handbag if you do like the honey brown or cognac brown that shade of brown will go with either blacks or browns and so it really does play double duty it’s a great neutral shade

Fifth trend are Baggy Jeans, we’ve seen skinnies for like a decade, it’s totally great and i love them but if you want to try something new and different and something a little more comfortable baggy jeans, a baggier leg, a baggier silhouette, there are a bunch of different fits for baggy jeans, you can go with a high rise, you can go with the mid-rise, you can go to the low rise, you can go with baggy through the thighs, or not baggy through the thighs, there’s the lighter blues, and the medium blues, and the darker blues, so just whatever is speaking to you and you feel like is the most versatile, if you’re going to do one pair of baggy jeans you could get more of a medium traditional denim blue, you c  an also go with a higher rise, that’s going to be more elongating and flattering, we will put a couple recommendations below baggy jeans are going to be tricky especially as you’re not used to them, you’re so used to a really fitted skinny jean literally i sent five pairs back before i kept a pair and now that i have a pair that I really like i want to wear them every single day just grant yourself some grace and know that this one is going to be a little bit harder to get used to and also if you do wear baggy jeans you’re going to want to wear something a little more fitted on the top to offset the volume on the bottom I’ll put suggestions for each category below in the description box there are other trends still going strong you’ve got the victorian trend high neck ruffles puff sleeves you’ve got metallics patchwork fringe all that’s still on trend but I wanted to highlight five of my favorites and five what i think are the most accessible wearable and versatile and functional right because our lives are a little different right now

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