Secrets of female psychology that men cannot understand

Written by Dana Peterson

Bright-side decided to reveal female psychological secrets to form life a touch easier for men.
1- the eagerness for bad boys is genetic: a woman who has many suitors chooses a nasty boy sounds familiar to you, but it seems that this choice of partner in some ways is genetic: women subconsciously believe that they’re forming a relationship with a robust intelligent and self-confident man which is sweet for offspring survival
2- the way of driving of girls is peculiar because of the anatomy of the brain it seems that men and ladies have slightly different brains thanks to this the previous are better at orientation in space and therefore the latter memorized specific images therefore it becomes easier for a lady to navigate a city consistent with certain objects fact additionally women for the foremost part park more correctly than men they have a touch longer for this though
3 women don’t understand how it’s possible to not understand hints they skills to seek out hidden meanings within the words of men even where there are none if you would like the connection to be as comfortable for both of you as possible you ought to learn to speak about issues and confusion to avoid misunderstanding
4- ladies tend responsible themselves, women often blame themselves for all the negative events for instance a man may confess to a woman that he’s not feeling alright today and she or he has suddenly offended why because she decides that she is responsible for that
5- women should try harder to succeed historically in many traditions of girls great professional successes weren’t expected thanks to the unfairness that they had to require care of the house and youngsters which the provider of the family was demand, fortunately, today things have changed still women are forced to undertake harder because additionally to figure they’re caring for and raising their children and doing household chores as a result women get more tired in similar circumstances
6- women have precisely the same mathematical abilities as men there’s a stereotype that ladies have worse math skills than men this myth is predicated on the observation that in science there are fewer women scientists who have an interest in mathematics and physics than men but consistent with research women have precisely the same abilities to know mathematics and physics as men what happens is that social standards drive women to review other fields.

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