7 BEST Motorcycles for Women

Written by Dana Peterson

Motorcycles are about two things: freedom and inclusivity. When you’re riding down the road and you check a biker wave with that other person on two wheels in that moment you don’t care about their political views their age their gender or health even what they had for breakfast this morning motorcycles bring us together.

In this article, we are going to look at seven motorcycles that are great for female riders

Why do we need to specify that some bikes are better for female riders well because the world of motorcycles is predominantly male so bikes are designed with male anatomy and physiology and mind, female humans are literally smaller on average than male humans in America females are about 5 foot 4 or 162 centimeters and weigh an average of 168 pounds or seventy six point four kilograms on average whereas men are five foot nine about 175 centimeters and weigh an average of 194 pounds or eighty eight point eight kilograms five inches difference in height makes a big difference for inseam which ultimately makes a big difference for seat Heights being comfortable or unrideable or their female riders who are 5 foot 10 and weigh and 40 pounds and can ride anything sure just like there’s men who are 5 foot 2 and they’re going to have a tough time with some bikes people come in all shapes and sizes but we’re going to be working off the average here

Now not surprisingly women are the fastest-growing segment of new riders and despite some marketing hiccups in the past Harley-Davidson has made a point to capitalize on that to the point that the Harley-Davidson SPORTSTER 83 super low is the most popular motorcycle written by women, this particular model has been around since 2011, and is considered an entry level bike, it has a balanced center of gravity that’s great for smaller riders, the seat Height is 25.5 inches which is perfect since the average female is 5’4, even riders were on the taller side have plenty of room on this bike, but the super low is a hit among women because even the shortest of short ladies out there can plant their feet firmly on the ground at a standstill, the super low weighs in at 563 pounds, so it’s manageable weight a little bit heavier and the bucket seat makes it even easier to handle factor in the ergonomic handlebars slated for comfort, and you’ve got a pretty clean ride.

Second one is the affordable and lovable Honda CBR 300 there’s a lot of cruiser ish bikes out there that are marketed to beginner riders and female riders so the Honda CB 300 R is certainly refreshing this little number is nimble and looks like it belongs on a track so if you’re into the sporty er look it’s definitely the bike for you it’s fully customizable got tons of aftermarket support comes with ABS and it’s priced just under $5,000 for a brand new model, one of the things that makes the Honda CBR 300 stand out for women riders, is the narrow design, it’s not as bulky to straddle, which means it’s easier to plant your feet, because that single cylinder engine you’ve got more control and it’s just going to be a better fit for smaller humans, this one’s a lot of fun, it’s got a six-speed transmission easy to handle, it’s incredibly nimble I do find that women seem to have a much lighter touch on the throttle and make for subtle handling decisions so a lightweight bike like this is going to perform like a puppy at a circus who’s been promised a steak dinner at least for the ladies and while you’re looking at the Honda CBR go ahead and check out the shadow models – they transition easily from beginner to experienced riders and are another great setup for female riders shadows are definitely on the cruiser side of the spectrum so Honda has something niche to offer for both tastes and let’s not forget about the Rebel line – okay Honda has clearly done some market research and knows where the growth segment is kudos to you Honda kudos to you and I’m not even mentioning their stuff like the monkeys or the Cubs

Number three the V STAR 250 I’ve discussed small displacement bikes and beginner motorcycles before and I’ve made no attempt to hide the fact that most riders do eventually get bored with their starter bikes and in my opinion that’s a starter bike that’s 500 ish CCS or less somehow the V star 250 managed to have all the things in one magical market defying two-wheeled lady rider machine the V star 250 weighs in at 326 pounds so well with an a manageable range and the seat position makes it one of the easiest bikes to scoot around on when you need a straddle walk or walk alongside it the hard truth is that women just do not have the same muscle mass or upper body strength as their male counterparts so a bike that’s light and design with a smaller framed rider in mind is going to be ideal the problem with that is again at most manufacturers aren’t really considering women so it’s a rare gem that looks good performs well and fits a female body and before the comet rolls get rolling and people start threatening to beat me in an arm wrestling yes I do know that there are strong women out there yes there are definitely some woman who can out lift me and yes I do know that women are just as capable as us dude so don’t come at me with all that girl power stuff and all that we get it back to the V store this is an introductory bike that just won’t quit unlike a lot of small displacement bikes out there this one is 100% capable of handling just about anything you throw at it on the highway bet power builds out smoothly thanks to v-twin engine the handlebars are positioned way better than the previous models the one drawback that’s been noted is that there does tend to be heavier vibration here than most other bikes but that’s just another perfect right

Number four the V-STAR 650 that makes an appearance as a classic and custom but he’s universally known as the 650 Yamaha has kept it in production for more than two decades because it’s a fan favorite it’s got a low seat height low center of gravity a powerful engine comfort and it’s pretty easy to maneuver it’s almost like Yamaha did some market research and somehow managed to put every single desirable quality into one motorcycle ridiculous even though it’s a 650 a lot of women riders buy this as their starter bike so new and experienced riders alike can enjoy this one there’s actually another V Star this is popular with the ladies the V sir 950 so it’s not surprising that star motorcycle sits directly behind Harley-Davidson on the most popular motorcycles for women list.

Number five & Six: Another manufacturer that makes female friendly bikes and a selection of models these Kawasaki they tend to have a few models that make the list but for the sake of brevity and inclusivity I managed to narrow it down to two the Kawasaki Ninja 400 / 300 and the Kawasaki Vulcan 900. The Ninja 300 actually started out as a 250 model but like most manufacturers end up doing Kawasaki ended up bumping the engine to a flat 300 and nowadays it does it as a 400 as well it looks just like the Super Sport version weighs in at 380 pounds and even though it’s more expensive than the Honda CBR it’s still pretty affordable and if you’re not about the brand new bike life you can pick up a ninja on Craigslist pretty regularly the 300 is one of the most affordable options out there right now so finding one in your price range should be no problem since the 400 is now the new kid on the block the ninja line is pretty light across the board and the aerodynamics actually make the posturing a solid fit for women if you haven’t sat on one I highly suggest trying it out even if it’s just hopping in the seat on the showroom floor it’s a good Huggies snug feeling in direct competition with the V star and Harley Sportster is the Kawasaki Vulcan 900 this is a complete package of big bike performance in a completely manageable set of wheels so if the aggressive posture of sport bikes isn’t your thing or if you don’t like feeling so high up check out the Vulcan Kawasaki he definitely has some quality products that are easy to maintain hold their value and the reliability is there

Number seven is the SUZUKI GZ 250, Suzuki doesn’t get the same amount of face time as other members a big fall around here but they definitely should be on your radar this particular model isn’t in production anymore but there are tons of them on the market for dirt cheap the last year they were made was 2010 so keep that in mind when you’re shopping but it is a classic cruiser style bike with a single cylinder engine in five years now that’s a wrap for today kids thanks for hanging out using a coaster and remembering to bring your own acai bowl

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