Avoid these things, in order to be more attractive and likable to people

Written by Dana Peterson

Many people think that we all have charisma, but even if you lack this trait, that does not mean that you cannot acquire it.

In this report, the Spanish site “Genial” discussed common mistakes that affect your attractiveness, which you should avoid if you want to capture the hearts of others.

Lack of confidence when introducing yourself

It is not easy to introduce yourself to people you have recently met, and in this case it is tempting to wave a hand and greet everyone from afar, then sit at an isolated corner without attracting attention.

You should not use this method, as it confirms that you are a person who loves isolation and does not care about others. It stands to reason that you would welcome all of the people present, and shake hands one by one with their eyes on, because eye contact is so important.

Don’t introduce your partner when someone greets you

When you go with a friend and meet some of your acquaintances and indulge in conversation with them while he waits on the other side, your partner will inevitably feel that you are ashamed of his company or of the people you met.

So you have to mention his name and who you present to the people you just met, this easy gesture will make everyone feel more comfortable, especially the one who accompanies you, and a kind of psychological comfort will prevail when you talk about certain topics.

Forget about names

It is possible that you have a weak memory so that you easily forget people’s names, this is just a somewhat convincing excuse, but people may think that you are arrogant and do not care about new friends, and there are some simple methods of memorizing names. For example, if someone greets you and says to you, “Hello, I am so-and-so,” you should answer them with “Hi, so-and-so,” and then repeat their name during the conversation at least twice.

Eat things that aren’t of everyone’s interest

You should never talk in an accurate way about topics that not everyone in your audience are interested in, such as talking about a director’s work that you love when the people you have are not a fan of the movies.

So you are just wasting your time and passing on unnecessary information, that way, others will want to communicate with you less. You have to discuss common topics with your friends in order to have a conversation between you.

Talk about yourself only

It may happen that you call a friend of yours to tell her that you quarreled with your husband and are very upset, but instead of sympathizing with you, she immediately begins to talk about the quarrel that happened between her and her husband a few days ago, and she forgets why you called her in the first place.

Rushing to talk about yourself and your interests will make the other person think that you are selfish and arrogant, which is what makes you a person without charisma.

Showing concern for others will gain their trust and appreciation very quickly. In return, they will listen to you which means that you will also be able to tell them your personal concerns and interests.

Criticizing others and judging them

Making fun of others, or criticizing someone when you are with a partner, may leave a bad impression on your interlocutor, and prompt him to think that if you speak badly and disdain about an absent person, you may do the same with him in the future, while respecting and appreciating others in their absence It’s something everyone loves, so try to stop yourself from criticizing and judging others.

Dialog very quietly

It is difficult to listen to someone who stutters a lot or speaks in a very low voice, which gives the impression that he is not sure of what he is saying or that the other person is interested in what he is saying.

So whether you are going to talk about something, will answer a question, or want to thank the person in front of you, always try to speak clearly and loudly, while maintaining eye contact.

Brief answers

Short and short answers show that the person does not feel comfortable or does not want to talk, however, this is a repulsive way, especially if you want to have new friendships and a successful method of communication, not to mention that it is a method that does not leave a good impression on the opposite person, so it is important to engage Talking and prolonging the conversation.


People are alienated from the negative and complaining person, especially if he does not show any intention to change this attitude, or is not looking for advice. You should not be afraid to talk about your problems, your friends will be happy to help you or advise you in difficult situations, but complaining without stopping in the hope that someone patting you on the shoulder will not help you.

Retreat from your personal principles

People do not care about those who do not have their own point of view and personal principles, and worse still, being someone who does the opposite of what he says. Those who openly talk about their ideas and principles and abide by them and defend them always receive the respect of everyone.

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