2021 winter trend: The over-size pullover, and these are the places to buy from

Written by Dana Peterson

An over-sized or loose-fitting pullover is an indispensable staple and is at the forefront of the Fall / Winter 2020-2021 fashion. This is why most of us prefer to search for new models from it in various famous stores, but today we decided to help you to know the popular over-size pullover models and their places of sale to get a wonderful look on a daily basis in casual clothes.

The trend of fringed over-size pullover


In fact, the tassel trend has returned to our attention in the Fall / Winter 2020-2021 fashion. Bershka has introduced an over-sized pullover that features some modern fringes that can give you the casual look you are looking for. Which can match your looks with jeans.

The oversize pullover with flared sleeves trend


Your fall and winter look is not complete without wearing an over-sized pullover, specifically the model that has wide sleeves, as it is one of the essential pieces. In order not to spend a lot of time searching for this model, you can buy it from the Stradivarius store, which guarantees that you will have a wonderful practical look from morning to evening.

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The simple oversize pullover trend


Are you looking for a simple over-sized pullover model that can match your look in the morning? Then you should shop for this piece so that it is easy to coordinate a shirt in a modern way that suits your look at work. You can find this model in Pull & Bear

The vintage over-sized pullover trend


Are you a fan of vintage or vintage? So you should own it this year to get a distinct and funky look, by choosing a pullover with a distinctive design with old classic patterns. That is why Zara brand has taken care to present this design in order to have a great look that matches your morning and formal look.

The Off-shoulder pullover


Off-shoulder are at the forefront of Fall / Winter 2020-2021, that’s why we watched pullovers that reveal the shoulder in a cool modern way. H&M introduced it in a simple way, so that it is easy for you to coordinate it with your clothes in a distinctive way.

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