How to Style Winter Overshirts or ‘Shirt Jackets’

Written by Dana Peterson

Overshirts or shirt jackets are everywhere right now and believe me when I tell you they’re a godsend for your wardrobe. They’re incredibly practical, easy to wear and in my opinion really really flattering. Winter overskirts are also really warming if you layer them properly, and are a match made in heaven with some winter staples, like combat boots.

How to wear a shirt jacket/overshirt:

The easiest way to wear an overshirt

The easiest way to style your overshirt is wearing it with pants and a top. You can close it or leave it open depending on your look. We suggest you leave it open if you pants are wide. Overshirts also look great styled with combat boots. 

Overshirts with skirts

You can also wear them with skirts. Again if the skirt is long or loose you could leave the overskirt open and close it with tighter or shorter skirts. You can a jumper or turtleneck under fit and style it with sexy heeled boots. 

Overshirts with dresses

Dresses are also a cool option, when wearing a long overshirt like this one. This is an oversized baggy look, so not everyone will be comfortable with it, but remember you can also throw in a belt on the dress for some waist definiton and keep your hair sleek and accessories small. 

Overshirts with belts

These are also so chic, if you’re looking for a more put together look. They are great for formal moments and of course are really flattering because of the waist definition. You can wear them with chic dressy pants and stilettos. 

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