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How the 50 Push-Up Challenge will transform your body in 30 Days

Written by Dana Peterson
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When you look back at the people who have successfully completed the 50 push-up challenge, you will notice that many of them are people who were not blessed with excellent physiques. Some others have physiques that are much better than what is considered “ideal”.

It doesn’t matter what your physical condition is, when you undertake this challenge, you will find that it can make you stronger mentally and physically.

When you get ready to begin your journey, you will need to start by setting some realistic goals so that you know just what you will be doing when you finish doing this workout.

How to get ready for the challenge?

First of all, you need to prepare your entire body for this challenge. On the day you will begin your workout routine, you should make sure you hydrate yourself completely so that you will be able to perform all tasks very well. This means drinking enough water, eating the right kinds of food and enough protein products so your body will be fueled up and nourished properly. It is also advisable for you to wear comfortable and loose clothing so you will not feel burdened as you go through the process of transforming your body. You can choose to wear loose clothes that will allow you to move your body freely and at the same time not restrict its movement.

1- What to do before starting this challenge

In order to properly prepare for this workout, it would be a good idea to make a list of the days that you will work out. You should also list down all of the days that you will not work out. On the days that you are scheduled to work out, you will want to make sure that you keep to the plan that was set forth for you on the 50 push-up challenge. You will want to make sure that you are eating the right types of foods as well. This will help you get the best results possible.

2- What not to do before starting this challenge

One of the biggest goals that many people will set for themselves when they begin doing the 50 push-up challenge is to forget about other workouts. Some people will simply do the routine on non-working days and ignore the exercises that they perform on working days. This will only transform your appearance at a superficial level. You will have little effect on your body and will not see significant changes. To transform your body, you need to consistently do the exercises that you are doing.

How does this challenge work?

When you begin your workout with the 50 push-up challenge, you should always make sure that you are completing the given number of push-up. You should also try to complete five or more push-ups during the course of the week. The more push-ups that you can do during the course of the week, the more muscle you will be able to tone up. The more muscle that you have toned, the larger your body will appear to your viewers.

After you finish doing the four sets of push-ups during the first week of the challenge, you should then do fifteen or more push-ups during the second week. For the third week, you should then try to do thirty to fifty push-ups. For the final two weeks of the challenge, you should then do an additional forty to sixty push-ups. These are just sample numbers; you should set your personal number of repetitions and sets that you can do during the course of the challenge. Once you have reached these numbers, you should then progress to the point where you are performing one push-up each of the next four days.

How to achieve progress?

To speed up your progress, you can use hand weights or other resistance bands to add more intensity into the workout routine. The more intense your workout is the faster you will reach your goal of transforming your body.

Your progress should be gradual, as it takes time to change how your body works. Also, your progress should be done on non-working days so that you do not get rusty. The last two weeks of your challenge should be a rest day and then an additional day to build up your strength again. By now, you should already feel strong enough to do fifty or more push-ups during the third week and at least one push-up per day for the next two weeks.

If you want to advance to the fourth week, you should be able to perform ten to twelve push-ups during the week three. In the fourth week, you should be able to perform another ten to twelve push-ups, but you should only do them on the working days. By the way, you should never skip days or do more than twelve push-ups in any given week. You should work at building up your muscle strength each and every week.

Why push-ups?

The beauty of performing this exercise is that it allows you to workout all of your major muscle groups which are essential for a complete workout. Aside from workout, another reason why push-ups are great for fat loss is because it helps build stamina in your body.

If you are trying to lose weight then the best way to achieve your goal is to increase your endurance. Then, if you are trying to build stamina in your body then you should make sure that you consume enough proteins to help your body recover faster. Also, if you want to experience what it feels like to do 50 push-ups like a professional then make sure that you know the proper technique.


To transform your body into a physique that is envied by many others, you have to push yourself to the limit. Push-ups are just one of the few workouts that can give you that experience because it requires the use of a wide variety of muscles. In order to transform your body into a strong, well-toned and attractive one then you need to make sure that you learn the correct technique in doing the workout routine.

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