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Life will be better with buying less clothes .. But how you can do that?

Written by Dana Peterson

We all spend a lot of time, energy and money finding, buying, storing and maintaining our clothes. Then a large part of it is placed at the back of the cupboard and eventually into the waste bin, which contributes to environmental pollution.

Do you think life would be better when you buy less clothes, and can women agree with that?

No matter the season or the amount of money available on hand, women like to shop and are drawn to it, says Polly Young Eisendrath, PhD, psychologist and writer for Psychology today.

Eisendrath adds that one of them wonders, “Should I buy this new pair of shoes even though I don’t need it at all? After an endless dialogue to test the will, the shoe might win and be bought.”

Although buying less clothes is difficult, there are some techniques and things that can help implement this goal and stick to it. Here’s a practical guide to do that:

Cancel subscriptions and delete apps

According to The Good Trade, any apps that are marketed on your phone should be removed to prevent yourself from going through them at your leisure. Just as you should get rid of the emails that come from online stores, they are well designed to lure you into buying clothes.

Buy only high-quality clothes

When your wardrobe consists of long-life items, there is less desire to buy new pieces more frequently, and high-quality clothing also forces us to take purchases seriously, rather than collecting a lot of clothes whenever the sale is announced.

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Keep a wish list

When you think you need a new piece of clothing, write it down in a list, revise that list after a certain period of time. Never come under pressure from the end of selling it from the market or the end of the season of sales or any other fabricated restrictions, there is a possibility that after looking at the list after a period of time, you may not want everything in it.

And clothes with problems, we all have certain clothes that do not suit us at all. We buy them because they are very beautiful and we may imagine ourselves in them, but we do not wear them because they are uncomfortable or because they show our body flaws. You must know which clothes do not fit your body and do not buy them despite their beauty.

Switch your mindset

When seeing your friend wearing beautiful new clothes, you may ask where you got this beautiful dress and you may go straight to buy something like it, but we do not need to be like each other, so use what you like about others to inspire you the next time you get dressed. Just try to use what you already have and find new ways to wear it.

Record what you spend

If you record the money you spend over an entire year buying clothes, you will be in a real shock. We are spending a lot of our budget on buying clothes because we don’t hold ourselves accountable or watch what we do.

Wouldn’t it be better to spend this large amount elsewhere, such as taking a vacation, traveling, or even saving.

Young Asian Pregnant woman records of income and expenses at home. Mom girl happy using laptop record budget, tax, financial document, e commerce working in living room at home concept.

Create a budget

Women may try to budget for clothes but fail to stick to it. As the new year approaches, you can budget to buy one piece each month and don’t give in to the temptations to buy just to buy.

Challenge yourself

Give yourself a challenge that may increase your love for the clothes you already own, take 10 pieces from your wardrobe, and transform them into new clothes by changing the way they coordinate with other clothes inside the closet. This is a good way to refresh and keep yourself from buying new items.

Adhere to the rules

We find it difficult to adhere to a specific goal that we set, such as setting a budget to buy or determining the number of pieces of clothing that you want to buy, and in this case you must be very strict with yourself to reach the point that you want to achieve. Just make sure the rules you set for yourself are realistic and know how to stick to them.

Swap instead of shopping

Clothes swapping is a great way to revamp your wardrobe without purchasing new items. According to the United Nations, 85% of textiles end up in landfills or are incinerated when most of these materials can be reused. Our clothes can be given to family and friends when possible. Or put it in a clothes donation box instead of a trash can.

Teach yourself

Knowing some general information may help keep you out of the market, as the United Nations reported in 2019 that every single second of the day, a garbage truck of textiles and clothing is sent to a landfill or is burned.

A recent United Nations study also found that the fashion industry is responsible for about 10% of greenhouse gas emissions and about 20% of global wastewater. Washing clothes also releases half a million tons of microfibers into the ocean each year.

According to the United Nations also, by the year 2050, we may need approximately 3 planets to provide the necessary resources to maintain our current lifestyles.

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