10 Things Women Like To Do When They Are Alone

Written by Dana Peterson

It’s not a secret that we all want to spend time alone sometimes without our parents, children, or even spouses. There is so much that we can do on our own because our imaginations are truly limitless. But what do women like to do differently when they have time for themselves? Here is what women love to do when they are alone.

Eating as much as they like

The American website “brightside” said that there are times when a woman gives in to the desire to eat a whole chocolate bar on her own without having to leave pieces for a group of always hungry young children.

Can’t a woman drink a bottle of juice without being interrupted by someone asking to share it? sure you can. She can do this when she is alone at home, as all the delicious snacks are just her all alone.

Watching their favorite TV programs

There are times when women want to catch a TV show that they cannot brag about watching. Children are not interested in these programs, and their husbands will undoubtedly criticize them for wasting their time watching frivolous shows. It is quiet and peaceful in the house when the father takes the kids for a walk, and then the mom finally has time to enjoy her favorite TV show.

Listening to music, singing and dancing

When no one else is in the house, a lot of women get to put on Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, or One Direction’s songs out loud, run around the house and dance. There is no such thing as unleashing yourself every now and then.

Enjoying the moment

There is no denying the fact that the love we receive from our partners and children fills our hearts with boundless joy and happiness. However, all women must acknowledge that they need to spend time alone too, such as at least 20 minutes of solitude a day for peace of mind without anyone asking questions.

Relaxing in a luxurious bath

Imagine relaxing in a bubble bath, wearing a moisturizing face mask, and listening to relaxing music. No one is bothering you for no reason or asking when to get out of the bathroom. This looks great! Which women can turn down this offer?

Reading magazines or books

When everyone leaves the house, women love to take the opportunity to dust off their favorite novel, lie on the sofa and read as often as they like. The most important goal when doing this is not to sleep.

Sitting for more than 5 minutes and enjoying their house cleanliness

The house won’t stay clean for long once the rest of the family returns, as the kids quickly make the whole place messy again. So all women (and all parents in general) want this fleeting time of calm and serenity to last a little longer.

Doing things at home without anyone’s help

Sometimes children want to help the mother with household tasks, which is a great way to teach them to be responsible and tidy. However, sometimes a woman just wants her to finish washing the dishes and get back to her life.

As it is, even when helping is provided, children remain a source of chaos – they inevitably smash and spill things in the process. Of course, we love our children though, but we have to admit that no one will make the place appropriately clean like women can.

Going shopping without partners and children

For women, a trip to the mall alone without their partners and children seems like a prison escape. They feel completely comfortable, and can choose and try on clothes for as long as they want without constantly looking at the watch, without rushing due to endless sighs and groans.


Sleep remains the title of pleasure, and whatever position you put in will do the trick.

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