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Effects Of Using Hard Water on Human Body

Written by Dana Peterson

Effects Of Using Hard Water on Human Body

Hard water is used in many homes across America. If you have ever used hard water, then you might feel that your skin has dried up and you need a glass of milk to get your skin juices flowing. If you are like most people, then you would also be aware of the problems that can occur if you do not use a water softener regularly. You can also suffer from skin problems such as acne, wrinkles, and dryness.

How does hard water make your skin dry?

When we say hard water, it means that the minerals have been stripped away. Magnesium for instance has been stripped of 90% of its minerals when you take water that is considered hard water. There are other minerals such as calcium and sodium however these two minerals are still essential in our bodies. This is the reason why we need to soften the water so we can replenish the lost minerals in our body. So how does hard water affect your skin, is because the minerals are stripped away by the scale on your pipes.

The advantages of using soft water on the skin

The advantages of using soft water are not only limited to the skin but also include the well being of all your internal organs as well. Your body is made up of 75% water so why would you want to consume hard water when it is going to provide you with all the necessary benefits. To start with we have our brain which is a very important organ. When we drink soft water, we are giving our brain the perfect condition that is required for it to operate properly and function optimally.

If we were to consume hard water then there is a high chance that the levels of calcium and magnesium will increase in our body which will cause more harm than benefit. This will in turn result in several other disorders which include lack of concentration, memory loss, weak bones, frequent cramps and headaches, constipation, back pain, dry skin, and hair loss. All these disadvantages can be easily avoided by using soft water daily. One of the most important things that should always be kept in mind is to avoid using softeners whenever possible because this will only lead to more problems and complications in the future.

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How Does Hard Water Lead to Hair Loss?

If you have had problems with your hairline starting to recede and your hair getting oily, then you may have noticed that hair loss can occur after shampooing with a strong shampoo containing hard water. There are several causes of this condition but the main one is excessive washing with hard water regularly. Your hair is just like any other type of soft tissue in your body, it can lose water through rigorous brushing, use of ultra-violet rays from a hairdryer, and even by being in a hot shower. Although excessive washing can make your hair feel heavy and prone to breakage, other things can contribute to this condition. When your scalp gets an accumulation of dead skin cells, dandruff will form which can lead to hair loss.

Effect of Hard Water on your Kidney

Hard water contains an excess amount of calcium and magnesium that can cause damage to your kidneys. Drinking too much water with this kind of mineral can also cause certain kidney stones, which is why you should take additional measures. Water treatment at home can be accomplished by using lime and lemon water, which are known for killing the bacteria in the body. You can add a pinch of Epsom salt to your water as well. If you prefer a more convenient method to treat your water, you can go out into the country and have your water tested for hardness. There are several types of tests available, but one of the most accurate methods is called the Water Test, which is offered by some companies.

Advantages of Using Soft Water for Hair

One of the biggest benefits of using soft water for hair is that it makes your hair much easier to manage. You can easily smooth your hair with your fingertips without it becoming damaged, and you can even add some extra moisture when you are washing out your hair if you like. Another big benefit of using soft water for hair is that it’s much more enjoyable to style. There’s no reason to suffer through dry hard water when you could have fun doing it instead! One of the reasons that this is so beneficial is because a lot of styling products are designed for people who are ‘hard water’ prone and therefore using them will mean that you will benefit from all of their benefits.

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