This Is The Best Winter Skincare Routine

Written by Dana Peterson

During the winter season, the skin is exposed to a host of aggressions linked to external factors, which increase its dryness and weaken its immune defenses. Therefore, it needs a special beauty routine that provides her with the care and protection it needs to maintain its beauty and radiance.

Winter skin care is not a difficult task if we listen to its needs and meet its requirements by adopting the following steps:

A nourishing serum

It is common for the skin to increase in dryness and redness during the winter season, and therefore during this period it needs preparations with a formula rich in ceramides. These naturally occurring fatty acids in the skin act as an adhesive between cells and have a protective effect that retains moisture inside the skin and prevents it from evaporating.

In the event that the feeling of discomfort persists despite the use of a cream rich in ceramides, it is recommended to choose a cream with a rich composition that provides a feeling of immediate comfort to the skin.

Ultra-gentle make-up remover

During the winter season, the protective layer of the skin is damaged by external aggressions surrounding it. This increases the expansion of the pores and the evaporation of moisture, which makes the skin lose its compactness.

As for securing the comfort it needs during this stage, it begins with the use of a make-up remover in the form of a balm or oil that gently removes impurities from the skin surface thanks to its formula rich in oily bodies that contribute to dissolving dust and secretions, And traces of make-up, and other blemishes without being harsh on the skin. It leaves the skin feeling soft but not sticky, providing the skin with the comfort it needs.

Soothing Skin Mask

Hypothermia in the weather distributes the blood circulation first towards the vital organs, then the other organs. This leads to a slowdown in the blood circulation in the facial tissues and an increase in skin dryness. The solution is to provide the skin with the softness it needs by applying a highly nourishing mask with a thick layer on the face, neck and upper chest area once a week.

Radiance-enhancing product from within

When the skin’s protective barrier is damaged, the skin loses its radiance and radiance. In this case, it needs to smooth its surface in order to regain its vitality and be able to better reflect the light. Promoting collagen production in the inner layers of the skin contributes to enhancing its radiance from within, and lotions rich in polyphenols and vitamins C and E classes activate the collagen production mechanism and stimulate skin radiance.

Unifying cream

The climatic changes that occur in the weather in winter are the main reason that increases the phenomenon of imbalance in the blood circulation and sensitivity in the nerve endings, which is translated through the appearance of redness on the skin surface. In this case, it is advised to avoid using lotions that contain alcohol and harsh products on the skin and replace them with skin-soothing ones that are rich in flavonoids that help redness the skin.

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