Suicide Of Young Celebrities In South Korea … What’s The Secret?

Suicide Of Young Celebrities In South Korea
Written by Dana Peterson

The news of the young Korean artist “Song Yoo-jung” Found Dead, has made international news, accompanied by questions about the cause of death, and whether she will join the series of tragic suicides in South Korea.

The 26-year-old actress was found dead on January 23 in the capital, Seoul, and the media agency that runs its business has not revealed the cause of death.

Song began her career at the age of 20, where she appeared in commercials as a model for skincare products, then landed a superhero role in 2019, and landed many famous main roles. Song advocated for people with special needs and became an ambassador for charity.

Strict restrictions

Korean media agencies impose strict restrictions on their stars, and they usually start from the age of adolescence, from appearance to control of all communication details, especially through social networks.

Many critics pointed out that the survival of these stars in the spotlight is very limited, and by the late twenties of the artist’s life, media agencies start replacing them with other younger stars, which causes severe pressure on these stars.

Experts have warned of the dark side that the pop music industry suffers from in Korea, as an investigation by the New York Times in 2019 revealed media scandals involving producers in the pop industry, and their involvement in cases related to sexual exploitation, prostitution and drug issues.

A familiar suicide

Goo Hara was found in her house at Cheongdam after a suicide attempt

Celebrities circles in South Korea are witnessing many suicides, so that these accidents have become common news in recent years, especially among the stars of the first row.

In 2017, singer Kim Jong Hyun committed suicide at the age of 27 after writing a letter saying he was overcome by depression. In 2019, the 25-year-old pop star Solly committed suicide after she suffered from social media bullying, which she faced after joining a feminist campaign calling for not wearing bras, and after about 6 weeks, her friend Goo Hara (28 years) committed suicide, leaving A handwritten note expressing her despair.

A Guardian report stated that 30 suicides among the stars of the first row in South Korea were covered, and despite the diversity of reasons between money problems, relationships and family disputes, but the impact of the decline in the popularity or bullying through communication networks are the common factors in most of these incidents, which makes authorities punishing (the entities or people) – inciting users of social networks to commit suicide – with a fine of up to $ 2,000.

The highest global suicide indicators

The problem of suicide is not confined to the circle of celebrities. Rather, South Korea ranks first in suicide rates in the world, and according to the British newspaper The Economist, 564 people have died in this country due to corona infection, and about twice this number committed suicide during the past year, and according to statistics, women and adolescents and who By the age of 20 they are the most likely to commit suicide, regardless of industry or reputation.

The phenomenon of K-Pop (or K-pop) is spread widely through communication pages, and its stars are exposed to a torrent of messages from followers, whether fans or comments expressing hate and bullying their appearance or even their private lives, and because the pop industry is only concerned with the skills of dancing, singing and acting And it begins with talented people from a young age, so there is no way to qualify these stars to accept or deal with bullying, or even form normal social relationships that enable them to cling to life and fight suicidal thoughts.

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