If You Have Unexplainable Bruises on Your Body, Here Are 7 Health Problems That Can Be the Reason

Written by Dana Peterson

You may be wondering, what causes unexplainable bruises on your body? There are a number of possibilities since everybody’s is slightly different and some bruise instances will not be seen by the untrained eye. The following list is 7 health problems that can be the reason for unexplainable bruises on the body.

Causative agent

Bruises occur because of minor injuries and damages that take place when you are hit by another person or object. A causative agent is often a broad term used to define a cause. It is generally agreed upon that trauma is the most common cause of injury to the skin, but there are many other potential causes. Trauma can be either direct (e.g., a fall) or indirect (e.g., a hit on the arm with a heavy object). Direct trauma leads to visible injury, while indirect trauma is not as easily seen and cannot be heard.

Physical activity

This activity can come in the form of jogging, running, hiking, dancing, gymnastics, weightlifting, swimming, and bicycling. This active lifestyle can lead to an increase in stress, tension, and fatigue and can eventually lead to a bruise.


All females have a slightly shorter duration of exertion than a man’s. Because of this shorter amount of time the body is exposed to a higher amount of impact and stress, leading to a higher risk for injury. Bruises tend to form in areas where stress and strain have been placed on the body. If you have a bruise, try to rest and relax for a few days to ease the pain and minimize the chance of a secondary wound.

Hormonal changes during the period

Throughout a female’s life, hormones are released in significant amounts. In particular, during puberty, estrogen, and progesterone play a role in establishing the sex of the baby and regulating menstrual cycles. Both of these hormones are associated with the formation and maintenance of healthy skin. While both play important roles in the health of the skin, prolonged exposure to estrogen or progesterone can cause a female to develop a skin bruise.

Fatty tissue build-up

Women tend to store fat more than men, especially on their faces, neck, and breasts. This fat can accumulate under the skin causing a bump to form. The bump can then expand when the body gains weight, resulting in a new bruise. Excessive weight gain can be due to pregnancy, gaining a lot of weight during puberty, gaining more bodyweight after bodybuilding, or having an unhealthy diet.

Lack of hydration

Our body needs adequate water in order to properly nourish the skin. If you do not replenish your body with enough water regularly, the skin can become irritated, resulting in a bruise.

Hormonal imbalances

This can result in excessive growth of the adrenal glands, causing the adrenals to enlarge and result in hormonal imbalance. Excessive growth hormones stimulate the oil glands, which is one of the causes of bruises. These hormones can also result in a number of other health problems, so it is best to avoid anything that could cause these imbalances especially the use of male steroids for female bodybuilding.

To conclude :

Herbal products may help relieve the symptoms associated with these various causes of bruises. Quality face cream or body lotion containing herbal ingredients can help treat this problem. Aloe Vera is very effective at healing any type of skin problem. It can prevent the formation of any kind of bruise. Other herbs that have been used to treat skin conditions include wild yam and milk thistle.

It is important to protect the skin that is surrounding your body. By keeping in good shape, will reduce the risk of injury. It is also essential to drink plenty of water, as this helps to keep your body well hydrated. Water also helps to keep your skin soft and smooth, reducing the amount of friction that can cause a bruise to form. If you are experiencing any kind of trouble with your skin or your body in general, it is best to consult a dermatologist before taking any drastic action.

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