What is the method of facelift with threads?

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Thread lift depends on the insertion of very thin threads into the fatty tissue directly under the skin by very fine needles (German)

Thread lift is a relatively safe, non-surgical method that helps women get rid of wrinkles. However, it cannot be used in the case of large wrinkles, as it may sometimes cause allergic reactions against the materials used.

German plastic surgeon Begmann Borbor said that the face-lift method with threads depends on inserting very thin threads into the fatty tissue directly under the skin with very fine needles, and then these threads are tightened in sagging areas of the face, so the skin looks tight.

There are currently available threads with very fine hooks that further enhance the effect of the face-lift.

This method also helps to increase collagen production, so the tissues involved are additionally tightened in the areas being treated.

Wolfgang Niederdorfer, from the Center for Skin Treatment and Laser Therapy in Munich, Germany, added that the thread-lift method is also characterized by the fact that it is carried out with minimal surgical intervention, without the use of a scalpel, and almost without pain.

The thread lift method is not suitable for large wrinkles, very thin skin and rickety tissues (German)


Niederdorfer pointed out that the latest trend in the face-lift method with threads is the use of polydioxanone threads, which are covered with 24-karat gold.

This precious mineral stimulates the collagen production process, so the skin of the face appears more fresh and the effect of tightening appears more clearly. In addition, golden threads have a great skin lightening effect, and therefore they are suitable for cases of treating dark circles around the eyes.

In addition to the golden threads, the German plastic surgeon Borbor pointed out that all the threads that are currently used in face-lift are treated with “poly-L” lactic acid, as they are characterized by the ability to decompose in the body, in addition to being characterized by high durability.

The effect of the thread lift method lasts for about 18 months on average, and the treatment session does not take more than 45 minutes. The thread tightening method is ideally suited to get rid of wrinkles in the cheeks or forehead.

Facelift with threads is not without some risks (German) Facelift with threads is not without some risks (German)

Facelift with threads is not without some risks (German)

Limits and risks

Although the thread-lift method seems to be the ideal solution to fight wrinkles, it is not that easy, as German plastic surgeon Borbor confirmed that this method has very clear limits in terms of technical use, as it cannot be used, for example, in The case of large wrinkles that include clearly excess skin.

Dermatologist Marion Morris Carby noted that it is useful to use traditional lifting procedures in the case of large facial wrinkles.

Also, the thread lift method is not the ideal solution for very thin skin, and if the tissues are already worn out, then the tensile strength of the threads is sometimes not enough to achieve good results.

The face-lift method with threads, like any surgical intervention, is not without some risks, as Karpi explained that it may sometimes cause allergic reactions against the materials of the threads used, and some other side effects such as bruising or inflammation may appear.

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