Gray hair – so what ?!

Written by Dana Peterson

Courage to go gray? Well, a recent study by the renowned market research agency Market Intelligence Agency Mintel says that the Americans, in comparison to the European, are in fact much more comfortable about gray hair. Love your gray – is it a new trend?

One thing is certain: gray temples look classy and sexy on men. It is even said that many men only become more attractive from the age of 50. But this is not primarily about them. It is about women: there is a consistent disagreement among them, study or not.

Premature graying

Not only nature, i.e. age, is responsible for fewer pigments in the hair and thus more gray highlights. Oxidative stress, such as smoking, environmental pollution and an excess of UV rays, also ensure that hair, just like skin, ages prematurely. So the individual lifestyle also plays a role, when and how much gray hair is discovered when looking in the mirror

Yes or no? Color or not is the question of all here.

Dyeing costs time and of course money. But with a professional coloration, a few candles on the birthday cake have cheated away. In the meantime, almost every professional hair brand offers its own anti-aging hair color series in a wide variety of nuances, which is formulated in such a way that it reliably covers even with a high proportion of gray. With a chemically based hair color, the cuticle is opened and the artificial color pigment is funneled into the hair. The feeling after a visit to the hairdresser is simply priceless – and that applies to all ages.

Incidentally, a pure tint is usually not enough to effectively cover gray hair and especially those with darker hair have to regularly help if they decide to dye, because with them you can of course see the roots much faster. Those women are blessed who have naturally blonde hair (better said, had), because at first it is not noticeable when individual hairs turn gray. And as soon as there are more, the transitions from gray to blonde can be wonderfully concealed with a light tint and silver shampoo plus conditioner.

Dyeing over with herbal hair color?

The trend towards herbal hair colors is unbroken. Often, however, this category is denied the ability to completely cover gray hair. Nevertheless: that is also possible! If the so-called white content is very high, the hair may have to be colored twice. Here it is important to first pre-pigment and then apply the actual color. Again, in contrast to trying it yourself, it is worth visiting the hair professional to avoid unpleasant surprises.

I stand by my gray!

Coloring or not, it’s always a question of personal taste and if the hair is well cared for, gray hair can also look wonderfully classy. It takes a little courage, of course. Does this “courage” make you look older? At least that doesn’t seem to bother Jamie Lee Curtis or Birgit Schrowange, both women who are still in the limelight.

It should also be borne in mind that the hair does not turn gray all of a sudden. A certain transition phase (usually it is years until the hair is completely gray) has to be “endured” by women and that’s where the problem usually begins. What helps here? Going to the hairdresser: Explain to him that you no longer want to be dyed and have it done They advise you. A great highlight technique is usually the solution to make the transition roadworthy.
Wigs are no longer just a stopgap solution for hair loss, they are also an alternative for the transition. However, you should pay attention to the quality. And: A really good wig may save time, but hardly any money.

Maintain, Maintain, Maintain!

In addition, gray hair often changes its structure and is really stubborn, so that any styling becomes an art. So a few words about care …
Unfortunately, the loss of pigment causes the hair to become thicker and coarser. They lose their shine and become brittle. Therefore, more mature hair needs a lot of attention in the form of cures and non-weighting oils. So-called silver shampoos, conditioners and intensive cures are equipped with anti-yellowing formulas. These products always work and are the perfect companions for blonde and later gray hair.

Whether the hair is worn short or a little longer is a matter of type. However, gray hair doesn’t have to be short to look great. Here, as with any other hair color, it plays a role whether the hair is thick and full or no longer full.

By the way: whether repigmentation serums help, well! With the first gray hair certainly and the emphasis is on “helping”. But to believe that a man or woman can get their actual hair color back as if by a magic trick is probably a fallacy.

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