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Red meat is it harmful to the kidneys.. the alternative is?

Written by Dana Peterson

Red meat is it harmful to the kidneys, People who eat red meat consistently are 40% more likely to develop kidney failure, compared to people who eat less, according to a recent study. Chicken, fish, eggs, or vegetables have another effect.

Red meat is harmful to the kidneys..the alternative is?
People who eat red meat consistently are 40% more likely to develop kidney failure

Protein and the risk of Kidney disease

A recent study indicates that eating red meat may harm the kidneys, which increases the risk of the disease up to kidney failure. The researchers also concluded that eating other types of protein such as chicken, fish and eggs or eating greens instead of red meat may significantly reduce this risk.

“There is an increase in the number of people developing kidney disease globally, and many are reaching the later stages of kidney disease, which requires dialysis or a kidney transplant,” said Won Buai Koh, a researcher at the National University of Singapore and lead author of the study.

How to reduce symptoms of kidney disease

“Current guidelines recommend reducing protein intake in patients with CKD to help reduce symptoms and slow the progression of later-stage kidney disease,” she said.

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Koh’s team wrote in the online journal The American Society of Nephrology that although reducing protein intake slows the progression of existing kidney disease, it is not widely known whether protein, or meat in particular, contributes to the risk of kidney disease.

The researchers examined data from more than 60,000 adults living in Singapore who participated in the long-term health study. The researchers divided the participants into groups according to the amounts of protein they ate, and after 15 years of follow-up, they found that about a thousand people developed kidney failure.

Conclusion of the study

The study team concluded that participants who ate the most red meat were 40 percent more likely to develop kidney failure compared to people who ate the least red meat.

But the researchers found no association between kidney health and intake of chicken, fish, eggs, dairy, and grains. Rather, they concluded that eating any of these products instead of red meat during at least one daily meal reduced the risk of kidney failure by about 62 percent.

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